These Girls Choreographed a Flawless Beyonce Dance During a 13-Hour Layover at the Airport


They woke up like this.

There’s only so much you can do at the airport during a flight delay: You can eat your weight in SBarros. You can read every magazine at the Hudson News. You can yell at the poor desk employee who has no control over when your flight actually leaves, but is still the one telling you “another half hour” every half hour.

Or you could choreograph and perform an entire Beyoncé dance routine like these girls:

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This is the Oregon Acrobatics and Tumbling Team during a 13-hour layover at the San Francisco International Airport. The video description explains, “This dance was made by Tarryn McCray & Demorick Garrett. It was made famous by Eric Ortiz, Lucas Aaron, and Santwon McCay!”

It seems a bit reductive to say, but this is flawless, ladies. If we could be so bold as to make one request: Upload the entire performance? We want to see more!

(P.S. The remix in the video is by DJ Lil Taj featuring Panic and it’s fire.)

Now, relive the moment Kanye stormed the stage (again!) to defend Bey: