Ariana Grande's New Video for 'One Last Time' is Awesomely Apocalyptic


Ariana Grande latest video features the end of the world, and a special treat for Victorious fans!

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The "One Last Time' video, directed by Max Landis, opens on scrambled news footage announcing an apocalyptic event, some kind of comet and electrical storm that appears to be threatening the whole world. We see Grande in the middle of a traffic jam, surrounded by police and emergency crews, before she gets out and starts pushing through the crowd.

The driver of the car follows the singer with a handheld camera, Cloverfield-style, as she pushes past police and EMTs treating people with various injuries, occasionally looking up at the pink and purple sky as comets continue to split off like fireworks.

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The couple fights past police and a crazed conspiracy theorist, finally making it to the roof of an apartment building, where Ariana convinces her cameraman, played by Grande’s Victorious co-star Matt Bennett, to set his lens down. The two embrace as the comets rain down and the screen whites out.

Grande played Cat Valentine on Nick’s Victorious from 2010-2013 before making her musical debut. Bennett co-starred as Cat's love interest Robbie Shapiro on the show. Cabbie forever!

"One Last Time" is the fourth single off Grande’s GRAMMY-nominated debut, My Everything.

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