Andy Grammer Teases Upcoming Tour, Says Drake's Music Makes Him Emotional on the Road

But, when can we expect a reunion between him and Taylor Swift?!

Andy Grammer is gearing up to hit the road alongside US X-Factor season 3 winners Alex & Sierra. The tour, appropriately titled “The Good Guys and a Girl Tour,” kicks off Feb. 24 in Seattle.

ETonline caught up with the 31-year-old crooner exclusively at his rehearsal space in Los Angeles, where he opened up about how the trio got together, teased his possible next single from his latest album, Magazines or Novels, and even revealed which artist’s songs make him the most homesick while he’s out on the road.


Andy’s latest single, “Honey, I’m Good” is one of the catchiest tunes to hit the airwaves with an even sweeter music video that features 100 real-life couples holding up signs revealing how long they’ve been together. “It goes from a couple months to 70 years of marriage…. Isn’t it sweet? It’s really sweet,” Andy gushes of the clip which even features his own adorable wife, Aijia Guttman.

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The song, an ode to staying faithful on the road in a world filled with temptation, is on par with the name of the upcoming tour.

“It’s going to be like a bunch of dudes and then Sierra, and we would like to hope that we’re good guys… we try to be good guys, me and Alex,” Andy shares. “All the guys in my band are good, it made sense.”

While Andy refers to Alex & Sierra as his BFFs today, it turns out the twosome was a fan of Andy’s long before they ever even auditioned for the X-Factor.


“I met Alex when he came to one of my shows – both of them -- and then I brought them on my bus and they sang for me, probably like 3 years ago,” Andy reveals. “So when I met them at a radio thing recently we were like, 'Oh My God! I remember you! We should go on tour.’ So, this has been really sweet.”

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Andy is still enjoying the success of “Honey, I’m Good” – the song currently sits on the Top 30 iTunes Pop Music Chart – but, he’s open to hearing suggestions about what the next single should be. “I like ‘Pushing,' too” Andy answered when we shared our favorite track. “That’s a work out jam right there,” he added of the soulful anthem.

The singer gained loads of attention when he made a surprise appearance on Taylor Swift’s 2011 Speak Now tour – and don’t worry, he’s ready to perform with the “Style” songstress again!

“That’s a great idea!” he quipped.

Here’s to hoping Andy makes a surprise appearance on the 1989 tour.

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During our interview, we also put Andy in the ultimate tour hot seat game where he revealed that Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” is the tune that makes him the most homesick while on the road.

“Some Drake stuff is pretty good, Marvin’s Room? That’ll hit ya,” he said.

He also showed off his go-to dance move and sang us his favorite lyric. To watch the full interview and game – watch the video above!

For details on the Andy's upcoming tour, click here.

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