This Courageous Man Is Listening to Nickelback Non-Stop for a Great Cause

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Some run marathons, some climb mountains – but one courageous man is overcoming the ultimate challenge: listening to Nickelback non-stop for a straight week, all for a great cause.

Jesse Carey, editor and podcast co-host for RELEVANT Magazine took on the challenge after asking listeners what the ultimate feat of pop culture endurance would be – when one listener suggested Nickelback, there was no turning back.

Carey is in the midst of the aptly named Nickelback Challenge, where he listens to 168 straight hours of the bands entire catalog on a loop, every day and every night.

"I promised people I would listen around the clock, even while I sleep," Carey told ET. "I'm over 80 hours in at this point and so it has completely taken over all of my mental capacities. I was going to the grocery store the other day and little do people know that I am in the midst of one of humanity's great challenges."

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But all the hard work is paying off -- the Nickelback Challenge has exceeded expectations and raised over $22,000 in donations for Charity: Water, a non-profit that builds wells to provide clean and safe drinking water to communities in developing nations.

"After it's done, you can see where the money was allocated for exactly what wells and actually get to see the impact that these wells are having in communities around the world," said Carey.

And let's face it, Nickelback has to grow on you at some point, right?

"I have come, believe it or not, to appreciate some of the music of Nickelback," Carey said. "When you listen to it this long, you see why they're so successful, but I will say that first album is pretty brutal."

But one thing is missing, a donation from Nickelback!

"From what I understand they're charitable guys and they support a lot of causes they believe in," said Carey. "I haven't heard anything from them. I hope they find the humor and I've tried to keep it pretty tongue-in-cheek, but nothing from their camp yet."

Jesse, hang in there buddy.

You can follow Jesse's brave progress on Twitter: @JesseCarey

Check out the Nickelback Challenge donation page here.