Taylor Swift Tracks Down a Fan Who Camped Outside in the Cold for 20 Hours to Meet Her


St. Taylor, the patron saint of super fans, has blessed another of her followers.

From what we’ve gathered from recent Taylor Swift-tracks-down-a-fan-and-makes-their-dream-of-meeting-Taylor-Swift-come-true stories (this isn’t the first), here’s how you too can meet Taylor Swift:

1. Follow Taylor Swift on Tumblr.
2. Post enough about Taylor Swift or at Taylor Swift that she has no choice but to notice you and follow you. Simultaneously posting cute cat content can only help your cause.
3. Attend an event you know Taylor Swift will be at and notify her that you too will be there.
4. Pray to Taylor Swift that Taylor Swift sees your post.
5. Wait.

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The latest fan to successfully lure Taylor to her via Tumblr is Sinead Murray of Leeds. Taylor followed Sinead on Tumblr a month ago, then Sinead planned a trip to London to try to see Taylor at the BRIT Awards.

When Sinead found out Taylor would also be appearing on Radio 1’s Breakfast Show, she and her friends decided to camp out...20 hours before Taylor was expected to arrive at the studios:

“I got to the BBC at 12:00p.m. the day before — crazy, I know,” Sinead told Buzzfeed News. “More people started arriving from 5p.m. and throughout the night. It was freezing cold but the atmosphere was so exciting...I had been uploading pictures to show [Taylor] there were lots of people there and that we were excited to see her.”

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This was Sinead’s reaction just knowing that Taylor Swift would soon arrive and be in her same general vicinity:

And then something else happened: Taylor started looking for Sinead.

“Someone must have told her where I was because her publicist came over to me and said, ‘Are you Sinead?’ A few minutes later Taylor Swift was coming towards me!” Sinead recalls. “She said: ‘HEY SINEAD!’ And I was freaking out because she knew my name.”

Obviously they took selfies together:


“It wasn’t until afterwards I saw the video of how she really had been going crazy trying to find me,” Sinead says. “I am completely blown away that my idol wanted to meet me and I can’t thank her enough. She’s even more of an angel in person — if that’s at all possible.”

To complete the before and after, here’s Sinead’s reaction after meeting Taylor:

Seems about right.

Meanwhile, Taylor made a break-up playlist for another heartbroken fan! Watch to find out what songs made the cut:

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