Kelly Clarkson Can't Stop Hating on 'From Justin to Kelly'

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Anyone holding their breath for a From Justin to Kelly sequel (do those people exist?) should let out a giant exhale right about now.

Amid a press tour for her highly anticipated new album Piece By Piece, Kelly Clarkson just can't stop hating on her big screen debut. Turns out, she was very opposed to filming it in the first place.

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In a revealing 25 Things You Don't Know About Me piece with Us Weekly, Clarkson opened up about a devastating phone call with American Idol creator Simon Fuller.

"I cried for a solid hour on the phone with the creator of American Idol and pleaded to be let out of the contract that said I had to film From Justin to Kelly," she said.

Clarkson's tears weren't unfounded: the film, penned by Fuller's brother Kim, opened in 2003 to scathing reviews and only $2.7 million at the box office. To-date, the film has brought in under $5 million total. (No word on how many tears Clarkson shed after the film's release.)

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In a light-hearted Q&A with TIME, talk once again turned to the box office bomb. Asked by the reporter "At what age will you sit River Rose down to tell her about From Justin to Kelly?" the superstar responded with a laugh.

"Never! We don't have to show her that!" Clarkson joked, noting that she likes to pretend the film doesn't exist.

Pressed on the film's cult movie classic potential, Clarkson was not optimistic.

"Oh my God, I hope not," she said. "I just want it to go away. I want to own all of it. I just want it to not be here."

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For what it's worth, Clarkson's American Idol runner-up and co-star Justin Guarini seems to have different feelings on the matter. Just one month ago, he cheekily responded to this fan's throwback tweet:

Luckily for Clarkson, From Justin to Kelly wasn’t her only acting role. The singer appeared on the TV series American Dreams and The Crazy Ones, and acted opposite her future mother-in-law Reba McEntire on Reba in 2007.

In case you missed it, Clarkson dropped another bombshell in her Us Weekly confessional.

"I secretly want to try out for The Voice to see if I can get all four chairs to turn around," the Idol champ revealed.

You've been warned, Blake Shelton -- best be on high alert!

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