16 Things We Love About Carrie Underwood

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Country star Carrie Underwood turns 32 today. We hope the new mama is kicking back for her birthday because she deserves it. Here are 16 things about Carrie that we absolutely love!

1. Her amazing music (duh):

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2. She knows that sometimes, you gotta:

3. She's a country fan too:

4. She knows a good party when she sees one:

5. She was very resourceful with her baby belly:

6. Her beautiful baby:

PIC: Carrie Underwood Welcomes Baby Boy

7. She had the best #TBT ever (and it wasn't even Thursday!):

You never had a Valentine?! Can we go back in time and BE your Valentine!?

8. She can appreciate a good fortune:

9. But when it's not a fortune, she's not afraid to call it out:

10. She loves dogs:

11. And she posts pictures of dogs with smiley teeth:

12. As a matter of fact, just THIS DOG:

If this was our life we would never miss breakfast!

13. She goes to the farmers market just like us:

14. And loves to put her feet in the water:

15. She can admit when she's still learning:

Honestly, we'd have fallen off that thing by now.

16. And last but not least, she's got camel jokes:

Happy birthday, Carrie!