Katy Perry's 'Undiagnosed Insanity' and More Riotous FCC Complaints About the Super Bowl

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Won’t anyone think of the children?!

The Super Bowl may be long over, but Deadspin just obtained the entire list of complaints made to the FCC about, among other things, Katy Perry’s halftime show. In total, there were 34 complaints made this year -- contrasted with 48 the year that Beyoncé performed. Apparently Queen Bey just does everything better.

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In actually, there aren’t many qualms with Katy herself, just these two (Note: All complaints are presented [sic], because the creative spelling and aversion to using punctuation is the best part):

“Tom this SuperBowl halftime show is not legal. Sexual harassment. Undiagnosed insanity.
Katy Perry is...
Lenny Kravitz is...”

“Show obviously directed at children contained lyrics that can only be called disgusting by anyone of normal sensibilities. A massive fine is in order to prevent viewing public from ever seeing a young female singing on a family veiwing venue ‘I kissed a girl and I liked it.’ Action must be taken to correct this in the future! DO SO”

Seems like the “normal sensibilities” in the latter might just be homophobia. Anyway, most of the outrage over the performance were directed at Perry’s special guest, Missy Elliott. Missy truly did steal the show:

“When Missy Elliot sang for the 2015 superbowl halftime show, the words to the songs she was singing were extremely inappropriate!!”

“During halftime of Sunday’s SuperBowl on NBC, a person by the name of Missy Elliott repeatedly yelled the term “give me some new sh*t.” This occurred on February first at approximately 8:30 PM Eastern Time. A cursory glance of her lyrics confirmed what I thought I heard. Later in the same performance, she proceeded to yell the word “n****r.” The Super Bowl historically attracts a large number of young people and children. NBC over-stepped the bounds of decency as allowed with the United States of America. A later song by her featured Ms Elliott yelling about “big c*ck,” “p*ssy,” and “shaving my choca...Has America lost all sence of decency?”

We particularly love that last one, because it takes a lot of work to file an FCC complaint -- first of all, how do you even do that? And by the time you figure it out, are you really still mad? -- but this person did their entire due diligence, even including a link that “reveals actual lyrics to one of her songs (NSFW).”

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Britney Spears
seems to have picked up a complaint (maybe?) and she was only there to watch the game:

“The work Bitch being used during a family broadcast like the superowl is profane and should not be allowed. After the commercial my 8 and 10 year old daughters both repeated the word and had to be punished which really took away from our superbowl experience.”

This person complaining about Victoria’s Secret seems pretty turned on too:

“The Victoria Secret Superbowl ad was completely inappropriate and indecent given the large number of children watching the game. Girls sprawled in chairs with their legs spread open and breasts bulging out of their bras is absolutely inappropriate to hold up in front of grade school children and families. i cannot believe how companies are allowed to display soft pornography on public television. I would like a response to this complaint and how i might pursue it further.”

Like, they could definitely write the next Fifty Shades of Grey.

The most common complaints were over Nationwide's ad with the dead kid:

“The nationwide Superbowl commercial had inappropriate content related to life and death for family viewing. Their commercial cause my niece to get upset and ask questions related to why did the child in the commercial die. There was no warning that sensitive content for children was forthcoming. My sister had to calm the child down on what would be an otherwise fun filled family viewing experience with the other advertisers…The company sold their soul to sell insurance on the guise of protecting kids and stole their innocence.”

“I, and millions of other parents who have lost children, have been deeply offended by Nationwide’s SuperBowl commercial. We are fragile, and being blindsided during what should be a pleasant event is just wrong. I have PTSD, and this has triggered a long night of nightmares and terrors!”

Won’t anyone think of the parents?!

Meanwhile, here’s how Katy’s exes reacted to her Super Bowl performance: