7 Things We Loved About J. Lo's 'Feel the Light' Performance!

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Jennifer Lopez
traded her spot at the judge's table for a spotlight at center stage for her breathtaking performance of "Feel the Light" from the upcoming animated movie Home.

From the magical dress to the gorgeous make-up and stunning lighting, it was one of the more spectacular displays we've seen from J.Lo or American Idol.

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Here are the seven things from her "Feel the Light" performance that blew our minds.

1. The Coolest, Biggest Dress in the World

As the camera pans out and the lights open up, it seems as if the custom-made dress might never end, and eventually we find out that it takes up nearly the whole stage – or 20 feet in circumference, to be exact.

2. She. Doesn't. Move. At. All.

It's not an easy feat to perform an emotional song and not even sway. They again, she probably couldn't have moved even if she wanted to.

3. The 'Frozen' Reference in the Lyrics

"I still remember when time was frozen." Is this actually a reference to the mega-popular Disney movie? Probably not. But considering this performance is meant to promote an animated film, it can't help but make up want to pop in the Frozen DVD.

4. Her Dress Becomes a Screen!

When that dress suddenly seemed to shrink? Mind. Blown.

And then they just began to mess with everyone's perceptions, in the most spectacular way ever!

5. Her Awesome Nails

It's such a great color. Almost like a pale, icy blue. (Another Frozen reference perhaps?)

6. Her Bedazzled Microphone

A microphone isn't really a microphone unless its drenched in crystals.

7. She's So Sparkly!

The only thing as shiny as J. Lo's mic is her awesome glitter make-up!

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