Katy Perry Really Needs a Nap

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While strutting down
the pink carpet for the world premiere EPIX screening of Katy Perry: The Prismatic World Tour, Katy Perry acknowledged she
might well be ready for some serious down time. “I am not ‘on’ every day. We
have days where I am sometimes at 85 percent to 100 percent, but I try my best,”
she said, adding that she’s taking precautions to maintain her health. “I am
looking after my health, which is most important, because if I get sick, then I
can’t play a show. Thankfully, I have not gotten sick -- where is the wood I
can knock on!?”

Some of her preventive measures include eating health snakes (“kale, dried fruit”), “a probiotic every day,” and ignoring the press wanting to call her a diva. “’ I’m sorry, if you lived on the road every single day and you were in and out of a different hotel, like don’t you want a comfort,” Perry said of life on the road, which started in May in 2014 and scheduled through October of this year. “Don’t you want sliced turkey and some baby wipes!?”


Wearing her jet black hair up, the music superstar looked sophisticated -- closer to 100 percent on her performance-ready scale -- in a sleek Balenciaga dress and ridiculously sexy Giambattista Valli boots. Showing no signs of slowing down, Perry posed with adoring, look-alike fans and the tour’s uber cute doggy mascot, Butters, before heading inside Los Angeles’ Theatre at Ace Hotel for a packed screening and Mario Lopez-hosted Q&A.

The energetic two-hour live concert special, featuring Perry’s iconic hit songs -- watch an exclusive preview of “Legendary Lovers” above --, a plethora of costume changes and glamorous wigs, will air on EPIX on Saturday, March 28 as part of the network’s Free Preview Weekend.

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Introducing the concert film to the room full of excited fans, Perry said: “I’m very proud of this tour. I am due for a nap but am extremely proud. We have done 129 shows, and have gone all over the world. I’ve only been here for about 72 hours, but I am so happy to see the sun!” (She was previously in Stockholm, Sweden.)

During the Q&A, Perry acknowledged that it was a challenge to keep the performances fresh, and approach each show like it’s her first. “That’s really hard...I think you just have to continually keep reminding yourself that these people have waited so long, they probably will not see this show ever again, they make not ever see you again, this is like their once in a lifetime opportunity...we are really grateful that we have such a successful tour.”


Perry recently finished the European portion of her tour, which include stops in 16 countries. “Every day is an adventure; we were just in Europe for five weeks. We get to experience all kinds of things,” she said, revealing that she found time to be a tourist in between shows. “When I was a little younger, it was all about going to the club and be like, ‘Hey, what’s up?’...Now we have transitioned into going to museums, which is really fun.”

“Sometimes I will take advantage of the success and be like, ’Use my name, I want to get the guy who actually put the exhibition in to do a tour!’ the 30-year-old singer continued. “We stop by all kinds of wonderful monuments and different historical places. Like I saw all the Renaissance paintings in Florence, I went to Auschwitz, I saw Anne Frank’s house. I get to kind of educate myself along the way.”

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While her nonstop, exhausting global travel and performance schedule has been going on for almost a year, Perry is far from finished. “I’m still goin’,” she said of the 2015 leg, which includes stops in Asia and South America. “Or else they’ll murder me!”

And what happens after the tour is over?! Recently the music superstar posted an Instagram photo of her and Nicki Minaj. When asked if the duo might work together, Perry responded: "I don't know! Maybe in the future!" Or after she naps. 

Katy Perry: The Prismatic World Tour airs Saturday, Mar. 28 at 8 p.m. on EPIX.