Michelle Williams on Girl Talk With Beyonce and Kelly, and Which Pop Reunion She Wants to See

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Don't call it a "reunion!" When former Destiny's Child members Beyonce and Kelly Rowland joined Michelle Williamson stage at the Stellar Gospel Music Awards, fans (understandably) freaked out.

"It was so amazing, when the word got out, the love that people still have for us as a group," Williams gushed in an interview with ETonline, but she's quick to clarify why the fans shouldn't be calling the performance a "Destiny's Child Reunion."

"Since we have not been together as a group for 10 or 11 years, we always said that we would get together and do things as individual artists on each other’s' projects, but people always lump it together and call it a Destiny's Child reunion," she said. "I understand why! But we keep saying, 'No, no no! It's not a group song!'"

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The girls got together to add a little harmony to a live rendition of Williams' song "Say Yes," which was nominated for a Stellar Award. Beyonce and Kelly also appeared in the music video for the song last year.

Destiny's Child did come together, in an official reunion fashion, during the Super Bowl halftime show in 2013, where Michelle and Kelly joined headliner Beyonce on stage for a medley of the group's past hits including "Bootylicious" and "Survivor."

"We've hopped on things for years, off and on, with each other, but the Super Bowl was cool because it reminded us of putting together a tour or something like that," Michelle said. "It was those moments where we were like, ‘You know what? We still look good and we still sound great together!’"

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While the trio has no plans to tour or record as a group anytime soon, Michelle is in full support of the recent wave of reunions -- including New Kids on the Block's upcoming tour with Nelly and TLC.

"I think it is absolutely wonderful. I think if you still have love for each other and if you can still dance and sing at the same level and energy that you had before, I see nothing wrong with getting together," she said. "It just shows people that you can work together, it also shows that you can do your own thing and still love each other. There's no jealousy, no resentment, no bitterness, and then you can still come back like you never left."

(And just like the rest of us, Michelle is still waiting on an *NSYNC reunion: "I have my moments where I'm like, 'Justin, you gonna get *NSYNC back together?")

WATCH: Michelle Williams Says 'Friendship Is the Foundation of Everything We Do'

Michelle has said that "friendship is the foundation to be able to always come back and be there for each other." But when the ladies of Destiny's Child get together, it's not work they're gabbing about.

"We talk about food, we talk about the children, we talk about life and having fun, and girl stuff. But to be honest, hand on the bible, we do not talk about anything music related when we're together," she said. As for Kelly and Beyonce's new roles as mothers, Michelle gushed: "They are the absolute best. They are wonderful. I love it and I knew that they would be great mommies."

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