Kendrick Lamar Cruises Compton in 'King Kunta' Music Video


Kendrick Lamar is going home in his music video for new single "King Kunta."

The newly-released video for the third single off the rapper’s critically-acclaimed new album To Pimp a Butterfly shows Lamar cruising around Compton, the Los Angeles neighborhood where the rapper grew up.

Lamar and his crew drive around the neighborhood, dance at a house party, and hang with friends and neighbors in front of the Compton Fashion Center. Lamar even dances on the balcony of the iconic building, which has appeared in numerous rap videos.

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Similar locations and the laid-back mood of the video evoke the classic 1995 Dr. Dre/Tupac "California Love" video, which Lamar witnessed his idols filming as an eight-year-old growing up in Compton.

Lamar has been instrumental in putting the neighborhood back on the map in the rap game in recent years, so it’s only fitting that the light-hearted video is a tribute to his hometown.

"Stuck a flag in my city, everybody's screamin' 'Compton,'" he announces in the song. "I should probably run for Mayor when I'm done, to be honest."

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