Frankie Grande Teases New Music, Possible Ariana Collaboration

And what's going on with 'Zankie?!'


Frankie Grande hit the orange carpet at the Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday as a special correspondent for ET. Not only did we catch up with all the stars as they made their way into The Forum in Los Angeles, but Ariana Grande’s big bro also shared some exciting news about himself with us.

His sister is one of the most successful pop stars in the world right now, but the Big Brother alum is looking to put out some original music of his own this summer. And, if you've watched his recent remake of “Left Swipe DAT” on YouTube, you know we’re in for a treat.

“Without putting too fine a point on it -- this summer,” Frankie revealed when asked if he had plans of releasing his own tunes.

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Frankie, who also starred in Rock of Ages on Broadway clearly caught the musical gene, but the 32-year-old is still figuring out what type of sound he’s going for.

When asked if it would be pop music, he said, “I don't know yet! it's gonna be something. I'm really excited! I'm working a lot, and there will be a lot of new Frankie Grande material for you this summer.”

So, can we expect a Frankie-Ariana collaboration?

“I mean, that would obviously be a dream come true,” he said. “She's on tour now…. So, we'll see! I mean, we're really close so it could happen.” Guys – did you hear that?!

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Frankie also opened up about putting his Team America winnings from Big Brother to good use. After raising an additional $30,000, he built a school in Malawi in his grandfather’s name through Build On.

“I took my friends and it's standing now with a plaque of Frank Grande right in the front. His legacy is gonna live on by educating kids for many, many years and I'm so proud,” he said.

As for his headline-making rollercoaster “bromance” this past summer with Big Brother co-star Zach Rance?

“I haven't seen Zach in a really long time unfortunately,” he admitted. “But, I still love him and he's a great guy.”

“Our lives have gone in separate directions since the end of the show and I've been super crazy busy and he's been doing his thing… and he's straight - what am I supposed to do with that?! You know? I can't marry a straight man!” he joked.

But Zankie fans – don’t fret. Frankie assured us that the two fellas are still pals.

“The friendship is still there it's just been less at the moment.”

For more from our chat with Frankie, make sure you watch the interview in the video above.

Are you as excited as we are to hear some tunes from Frankie this summer? What do you hope the music sounds like? Should he duet with Ariana? Leave a comment below or send @Katie_Krause a tweet with the hashtag #ETnow!

Another artist who is gearing up to release new songs is Justin Bieber (a favorite of Frankie’s) and the 21-year-old confirmed Selena Gomez has inspired his new music. To hear what he had to say just watch the video below.