Marina and the Diamonds Calls Out Pandering Pop Stars

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Are too many pop stars “dumbing down” for their fans?

Welsh superstar Marina and the Diamonds says they are.

In a new interview with ETonline contributor Chris Azzopardi for PrideSource, the singer-songwriter doesn’t mince her words: “On Twitter, I don't really like it when I see loads of messages from an artist saying ‘I love you guys! I love you guys! I love you guys!’ because I don't think there's any kind of intelligence in that. Also, how can you be genuine and say that so many times?”

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The 29-year-old singer-songwriter says pandering is especially present in the gay community.

“People in pop … express themselves in that way for calculated means because they know the gay fan base is extremely loyal and extremely expressive and is a tastemaker demographic,” she says. “It's insulting to both sides.”

In the past, Lady Gagahas been accused of gay pandering, and last year Nick Jonasaddressed “gay-baiting” claims after stripping at a gay club. Though Marina doesn’t name names, she says “all types of people should be appreciated.”

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Marina spoke with PrideSource on the heels of her third album, FROOT, a return to her DIY roots. The departure, she says, was intentional.

“Doing another album like [2012’s Electra Heart] would not make sense because I didn't enjoy the experience of trying to try to fit into this mold. … I just felt really uncomfortable. With this one, I just wanted to try it on my own.”

What upset her the most during the Electra Heart release? Doing press for the album. The interviews, she says, were “complete shit.”

“Everything was very surface layer because of the music that I was making. Like, ‘You're making pop songs, so of course you're this kind of person.’”

Read the full interview at PrideSource.