Man Accuses Ex of Sleeping With Entire Wu-Tang Clan

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Judge Lynn Toler has heard some outlandish claims on Divorce Court, but Nathan Sellers’ might be one of the most extreme.

"This sounds ridiculous, but he accused me of sleeping with the entire Wu-Tang Clan," Sellers’ ex-girlfriend Lia Palmquist told Toler when the two appeared on the reality court show back in February.

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"She gave Wu some Tang," Sellers told the judge, who asked Palmquist to elaborate.

"I had an amazing night one night," she explained. "I had a really good opportunity."

Palmquist insisted that even though she spent the night on the rap group's tour bus and in their hotel room, she did not cheat on her boyfriend.

"Let me just put on the record that Wu-Tang is nothing but gentlemen," she insisted. "We were not doing anything but talking….we talked a lot about politics."

Palmquist protested to Judge Toler that she was not a groupie or "buss down," but the judge was skeptical.

"You stayed out all night, got on the tour bus with a band or a group," Toler interrupted. "That’s buss down behavior, is it not?"

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