Taylor Swift on Rumored Kanye West Collaboration: 'He's Got a Lot of Amazing Ideas'

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Attention Swifties:
We’re officially one step closer to getting that Taylor Swift/Kanye West collaboration we've been hoping for!

The 25-year-old “Style” singer kicks off her 1989 World Tour on Tuesday, but will she be spending her downtime on the road working on new music? Perhaps with Kanye?

In a new interview with ET, Taylor addressed comments the rapper made in February about recording a duet together.  

“He has said that,” Taylor answered when ET’s Cameron Mathison asked about the status of the potential new tune. “We've never been in a studio together, but, he's got a lot of amazing ideas.”

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Ok, so maybe the duet isn't coming as soon as we would have liked – but, Taylor went on to praise the “All Day” singer’s creative artistry and confirmed there have been musical discussions between the two.

“He's one of those people that's just like idea, idea, idea,” she explained. “He's very creative and… I think we've talked about it but we've also talked about so many other things… I completely respect him as a producer. So, that's all I know now.”

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Even though there are no active plans for the duo to head to the studio any time soon, the pair has come so far since Kanye infamously stole Swift’s thunder at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards!

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So, will Taylor be working on any other new music while globetrotting in the name of her record-breaking album? We’re afraid not.

“I’m not making the next record yet, that’s going to take a lot of thinking about what that should be,” she shared. “With 1989, I love this album so much that I think it’d be doing a real disservice to try and copy it the next time around. I think it’s going to have to be something very different, creatively.”

Keep checking back to ETonline for more from our sit-down with Taylor. And, to see what Kanye had to say about Taylor, watch the video below.

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