This Teenage Girl Performs the Taylor Swift Lip Sync to End All Taylor Swift Lip Syncs


We’ve seen a lot of people lip sync to Taylor Swift already: We’ve seen police. We’ve seen 2-year-olds. We’ve seen frat boys. We’ve seen Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara. We’ve seen The Rock. We see ourselves in the rearview mirror of our cars every day, because we haven’t stopped listening to 1989 since it came out.

But nobody quite compares to 15-year-old Elizabeth a.k.a. thisloveisgreat on Tumblr, who says in her bio that she loves Taylor Swift, fuzzy socks, anything with glitter, her guitar, and awkward dancing. And when Elizabeth says she loves awkward dancing to Taylor Swift music, she means she looooooves it.

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Where do you even start with this epic super cut? The props! The hand dancing! The cameo by her little sister video bombing in the backseat! Naturally, Taylor herself saw the video and responded:


And naturally, Elizabeth saw that Taylor saw and lost all her chill:

“It’s really crazy to look at a picture of Taylor and say to yourself, ‘She knows my name, and said I was a rare sub-species.’” Elizabeth writes on her Tumblr. “It’s so special omg the feelz rn”

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