Taylor Swift Poses Between Calvin Harris...and One Direction! (But Where Was Harry Styles?)

Plus, Ed Sheeran, Joe Jonas, and plenty of awkward interactions avoided.

We’ve already seen Taylor Swift and Calvin Harrisfirst kiss caught on camera (or maybe we didn’t, it’s hard to tell) at an after-party for the 2015 Taylor Swift Awards -- er, we mean Billboard Music Awards. But there’s a different picture we need to talk about ASAP.

Taylor, Calvin, and half of the One Direction boys. In the same picture.

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The picture was tweeted out by Taylor’s brother, Austin Swift (who celebrated graduating from Notre Dame by partying in Vegas with all his sister’s famous friend. NBD.), and Taylor retweeted it:

Let’s break this down together:


First of all, looks like there’s no bad blood -- get it? -- between Taylor and at least half of 1D: Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan. Liam Payne was also at the party, but apparently didn’t make the photo. Noticeably absent? Zayn Malik! Just kidding, he's not in One Direction anymore. Harry Styles -- obviously -- who left Vegas right after the BMAs ended.


The exes were cordial to each other as recently as January, when they ran into each other in L.A., but probably best to avoid any of the awkwardness of Taylor and Calvin’s tour de PDA. (Which, sidebar: Awwww! Cute!)

Elsewhere in the same circle of friends: Ed Sheeran, the co-host of the after party, doesn’t appear to have any lingering beef with Niall, after rumors that Niall ended Ed and his ex-girlfriend Ellie Goulding’s relationship (and inspired the cheating anthem “Don’t” in the process). If you’re not up-to-date on your 1D members, Niall is the one kissing Ed.

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Now, here’s where things get more complicated: Joe Jonas was there too.

As you know, Taylor and Joe dated way back when -- he broke up with her over the phone, or so she says -- and now Joe is rumored to be dating Taylor’s good friend, Gigi Hadid, who recently broke up with Cody Simpson.

Dang, this dating pool is incestuous.

Anyway, back to Taylor and Calvin: Check out how cozy the couple got during their first official award show together!