Justin Bieber Revisits His Old Hits in 'Carpool Karaoke' With James Corden!

The latest edition of 'Carpool Karaoke' is here.

Mariah Carey started it. Jennifer Hudson crushed it. Now Justin Bieber is accompanying Late Late Show host James Corden in the latest edition of “Carpool Karaoke”!

On Wednesday’s episode, the 21-year-old singer carpooled with Corden to work and the British host had some of Bieber’s biggest pop hits queued up on the car radio. Before they embarked on their urban safari though, two fans spotted Bieber inside the vehicle and even got a quick selfie!

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Corden and Bieber certainly made the most out of their ride, with the duo singing along to popular tunes like “Baby” (“It’s got the most dislikes on the Internet,” Bieber deadpanned), “Boyfriend” and “Where Are U Now.”

At one point Corden jokingly admitted to not recognizing Bieber when he picked him up since “he had a top on.” Naturally this led Bieber to reveal that he throws out underwear after wearing them once. “That’s the life,” Corden says, almost in awe.

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They also engaged in deep relationship and life talk (“I want to be completely secure in myself and have a family,” Bieber says of his 10-year goal), discussed the pros and cons of fondue (Bieber is a fan, Corden isn’t) and engaged in a lesson on “swag.” Plus, did you know Bieber was a Rubik's cube master?!

Oh, and they also switched clothes mid-ride – because why not?

But you can’t end “Carpool Karaoke” without turning to a classic, so Corden and Bieber closed out their ride in style – with Boyz II Men.

Justin Bieber and Madonna recently played "Never Have I Ever" on Ellen. Watch the hijinks below!

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