Beyonce, Drake Videos Sync Up Perfectly With 'DuckTales' Theme


Need a laugh? Watch Queen Bey dance along to 'DuckTales, woo hoo!'

In keeping with the #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat meme theme, some genius on the Internet has synced Queen B’s "Single Ladies" video to the DuckTales theme song and the result is, well, perfection.

It probably shouldn’t work as well as it does, but the way the snappy choreography of Bey and her two backup ladies matches up perfectly with the silly theme is almost a masterpiece.

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And Queen B isn’t the only one getting the DuckTales treatment. Drake’s "Started From the Bottom" video has also been synced up and is just as fun to watch (and perhaps even more appropriate, given the rapper’s duck-related moniker).

The highlight of this one is either the drug store silliness or the way the "there’s a stranger" line of the song matches up flawlessly with a shot of Drake’s real-life mom, Sandi Graham.

A tip of Scrooge McDuck’s cap to whoever had the time and inspiration to put these brilliant videos together. As the song says, "the worst of messes become successes!"

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