Zayn Malik's First Solo Project Is a Rae Sremmurd Cover

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Let his momma tell him!

Zayn Malik released his first official solo song since departing One Direction on Monday, and it is certainly a new, um, direction.

Plugging in more vocal runs than a Christina Aguilera single, Malik takes on the choruses of the single by young Atlanta rap duo Rae Sremmurd while British rapper MIC Righteous spits original verses over the song’s minimalist electronic beat.

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The song style certainly fits with Malik’s devil-may-care attitude since departing the boy band in March. "I'm just living life," he croons. "And let my momma tell me yeah I ain’t living right…"

Directioners were quick to edit the song down to the essential bits (read: they cut out all the verses), but you’re into the song, be sure to also check out the original:

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