8 Reasons Kacey Musgraves Is Our New Favorite Badass


Pageant material? Maybe. But Kacey Musgraves is definitely our new favorite badass.

No, really.

The 26-year-old GRAMMY winner's sophomore album, Pageant Material, streets on June 23 (we can't wait!) and in the meantime, Miss Musgraves has been busy cooking up soundbites on a deliciously-quotable press tour. But that’s not all we love about her! From her Drag-tastic record-release party, to her neon stage setup, Musgraves is pretty much nailing this entertainment thing across the board.

Read on for eight of our favorite Kacey-isms.

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1. Her Drag Queen record-release party.

Musgraves enlisted some fabulous friends to introduce her new album, Pageant Material, to the world. Taking over Play, a popular gay dance club in Nashville, for one night, Musgraves previewed tracks of her new album with accompanying drag queen performances. According to Rolling Stone, guests including label head Mike Dungan and songwriter-producer Shane McAnally even donned plastic crowns and pageant sashes for the occasion.

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2. She's "seen Katy Perry's proverbial balls."

In her Redbook cover story, Musgraves didn't mince words! Asked about touring with pal Perry, Musgraves said, "She's almost exactly like you would imagine. I mean, she's got major balls."

3. She's a level-headed superstar.

In that same interview with Redbook, she had an incredibly zen outlook on her haters. "I've come to [the] conclusion that people are always going to find a way to be offended about something, and it's almost like they want to be," she said. "I won't be everybody's cup of tea. I've found peace with that. I'm cool with not being the biggest superstar on the planet. I don't let people's approval make or break what I'm doing." Sing it, sister.

4. She stands up for what she believes in.

No, we're just not talking about the LGBT-friendly lyrics in last year's hit single "Follow Your Arrow." (But, yes, we do love her for that.) In an interview with Rolling Stone, Musgraves says she refused to cave when her record label asked her to change a key lyric in her current single, "Biscuits": "Pissing in my yard ain't gonna make yours any greener." Asked to swap "pissing" to "spitting," Musgraves was having none of it. "People are so worried about offending that they want to water down everything," she said. "Come to a show, and that's the line everyone loves. Don't take that away from me!"

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5. Radio better watch out.

We hate to say it, but her label may have been on to something there. During a recent performance of "Biscuits" at Bonnaroo, Musgraves told the audience: "They just pulled that one off the f***ing radio... whatever that means. Maybe they don't like biscuits." Hey, we love "Biscuits," and more power to her for sticking to her guns!

6. She's seen "several UFOs."

In a revealing "25 Things You Didn't Know About Me" for Us Weekly, Musgraves revealed that she has an "irrational fear of spiders. And alien abductions." In fact, Musgraves adds that she's "seen several UFOs." (For what it's worth -- her Instagram handle is @SpaceyKacey.)

7. She's no one's French maid -- not even you, Blake Shelton!

In her Rolling Stone profile, it's revealed that Musgraves worked for a "short-lived" stint dressing up as cartoon characters for kids' birthday parties in Nashville. Sounds easy enough, but apparently she quit after being asked to dress as a French maid for Blake Shelton's party.

8. Her stage set-up.

No explanation necessary.

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