Pentatonix: 9 Inspiring Things We Learned That Make Us Love Them Even More

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The a cappella group, Pentatonix, have been enjoying meteoric success over the last few years, from their humble origins as contestants on The Sing-Off to having one of the best-selling albums in the U.S. in 2014.

The group -- comprised of the incomparable Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, Kirstin Maldonado, Avi Kaplan and Kevin Olusola -- is the subject of a new documentary now available on Vimeo.

Capturing their experiences while on the road for the On My
Way Home tour, fans are finally getting the chance to see what goes in to putting
on their flawless performances. The film details the hard work, preparation,
nervous energy, and total excitement that filled every moment of the band's
life while entertaining audiences around the country.

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To celebrate this fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse,
here is a look at some of the most impressive and inspirational things we learned about the band in On My Way Home.

1. Young Pentatonix Home Movies Are Adorable


The documentary makes you love the band from the opening
moments. Super-cute home movies from when they were young, hopeful children who
just loved to sing and perform will melt your heart.

2. Always Flawless, All the Time

From the first day of rehearsals, they already sound
perfect. Then, during the tour, they deliver over and over again. And really,
the best part of the film is getting to listen to Pentatonix music for 90

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3. They Want to Change the Face of A Cappella

Their performances are massive, explosive, and powerful
displays of vocal skill, and they don't let the fact that they don't use
instruments dictate the size and epic scope of their live shows. Their show is
on the same scale as any other major performing artist. 

4. They Are Excited About All Their Firsts


From their first fan meet-and-greet to their first On My Way
Home performance after party (where they prove to be even more adorable when
enjoying champagne), the band makes sure to really soak in and enjoy every
exciting first during their tour.

5. They Have Earned Their Success Through Hard Work

A number of stars or groups who enjoy massive, meteoric
success often seem to simply luck into their popularity, but, for Pentatonix,
it's all about hard work. They never stop writing, arranging, rehearsing,
recording, and trying to improve. In fact, during their On My Way Home tour,
they were simultaneously recording a new album of original music. It's insane!

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6. They Still Get Star Struck

During their tour, they found out that they wound be opening
for Kelly Clarkson and get super excited. What makes them even happier is how happy
Kelly seems to be to have them tour with her. Despite their own fame, they
don't let it go to their heads and they appreciate love, whether it's from fans
or fellow music stars.

7. They Get the Best Fan Art


Every member of the group have adoring fans, and sometime
they get some super-awesome fan art. As it turns out, they even hang a lot of
it on the walls of their tour bus. Everything we learn about the band goes to
show how much they really appreciate their fans, and how seriously they take their
responsibility to those who support them.

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8. They Love Their Crew

A number of people on the tour crew are friends and family
of members of the band. But the group goes out of their way to make their crew
happy. In fact, they made a dream come true for their tour assistant Mario Jose
-- who is also an astounding singer -- when they surprised him by making him
their opening act during their shows in Boston, and he absolutely brought the
house down. 

9. They Are Dedicated to Staying Authentic

Recording original music can be a challenging, up-hill
battle for an a cappella group who have found most of their success in covering
popular songs. However, despite being told that it would be easier for them to
add a bit of instrumental accompaniment, the band has remained steadfast in
their determination to keep their music pure and authentically a cappella.

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Pentatonix, who recently made their feature film debut in Pitch Perfect 2, will be opening for
Kelly Clarkson on her upcoming Piece by Piece tour, which kicks off July 11 in
Hershey, Pa. Their documentary, On My Way
, is currently available for purchase on Vimeo.

Check out the trailer for the fascinating documentary below:

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