Tyrese Gets Candid About How Divorce and Paul Walker Influenced His New Solo Album

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Tyrese Gibson
is laying his heart on the line in what he says will be his last album ever.

The 36-year-old singer is ready to unveil Black Rose to the world and opened up to ETonline about the honest revelations he makes on the new record.

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"It took me three years to do this album," Tyrese said. "It's my most honest and intimate, vulnerable album and on certain levels it's embarrassing because [I] confess to certain things that I have done."

While Tyrese addresses several events in his life over the last couple years, they all "wiped him out creatively," including the death of his friend Paul Walker, his nasty split from ex-wife Norma Mitchell and subsequent custody battle over their 7-year-old daughter Shayla.

"You've got to be bold and really put your transparency out there," he added. "I'm just very excited to share my heart with the world."

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The end result is not only one of Tyrese's most personal albums yet, but also his last solo effort as he turns his focus to entrepreneurial ventures.

"You can tour for the rest career off of your catalog. You don't have to drop an album every single year and be jockeying for positions on charts," said the singer, who has five studio albums to his name. "I'm CEO of a multimedia company called Voltron Entertainment, and we just go some many business and ventures going that I just want to commit my time and see how far it can go."

The singer-actor has also had his fair share of success in the film world. The seventh installment of the Fast and Furious franchise broke the $1 billion mark worldwide in what was then a record 17 days (Jurassic World recently broke it). So does the break from music mean more movies for Tyrese?

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"I love acting, but I'm more so on the executive side of things," he admitted. "There's a lot of people who wake up everyday and are like, 'How can I be more famous?' and they want to be this megastar that has paparazzi chasing them around all day -- that's not me."

But one role his is gunning for is Green Lantern. Many have speculated that the Warner Bros. reboot of the franchise will feature two different members of the Green Lantern corps, and that Tyrese could be playing one of them.

"I've been a fan of the Green Lantern," he said, when asked about the casting rumors. "I took the oath, and I had a meeting at Warner Bros. and certain things were said and talked about. We'll just see what happens."

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"I'm coming into this thing with some fans and some box office receipts behind my name and I say that proudly and humbly," Tyrese said. "I just think I deserve a shot at suiting up and becoming the Green Lantern."

Time will tell whether Tyrese has been cast as the DC superhero -- and perhaps sooner rather than later! Watch the video below as the actor teases whether or not he will be making an appearance at Comic-Con this weekend.

Black Rose
is available now for pre-order and drops Friday.