Lorde Sends Boyfriend James Lowe Sweet Birthday Wishes in Adorable Instagram Duet


Lorde took to Instagram on Wednesday to wish her boyfriend, photographer James Lowe, a happy belated birthday in a series of adorable posts showing the young couple is as in-love as ever.

"I know you guys don’t know as much about this dude as you do about me, but lemme just tell you, he falls asleep at parties and then I wake him up to make him be the other half in my shaggy duet, and he does it, so basically he’s the best. There’s no better analogy. And no better half. LOVE YOU J!," the 18-year old "Yellow Flicker Beat" singer wrote in an emoji-heart filled post.

The video shows James sleepily accompanying his famous girlfriend in an impromptu rendition of Shaggy’s 2000 reggae classic, "It Wasn’t Me."

Lorde, whose real name is Ella Yelich-O’Connor, celebrated her two-year anniversary with Lowe in April. In another birthday message to her 26-year-old beau, she posted a tender throwback pic of the couple in their early days.

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"This is the third birthday I’ve been around for; the babies in this photo had only celebrated one! Dreamy eyes in a van on tour in Australia," she wrote.

The seven year age gap between the two has been criticized in the past, but the match clearly has the approval of Lorde’s mother, artist Sonja Yelich. In celebration of the couple’s two-year milestone she shared a pic of the couple on Instagram, captioning it "2years 2day."

Sending sweet birthday wishes is starting to become the New Zealand pop star’s thing. In a Tumblr post dedicated to BFF Taylor Swift’s 25th birthday in December, she referred to the "Bad Blood" singer as her sister. "Sure, she isn’t a reeeal sister, and I haven’t known her thaaat long, but it feels like forever," she wrote.

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"I feel so lucky being part of this amazing circle of girls who are therefore each other, dancing without inhibition, laughing for hours, and killing it at work, and we’re pretty much all here ‘cause of [Taylor]," Lorde wrote. "What I’m trying to say is, she's magic."

With heartfelt words like these, it sounds like Lorde just might be a little bit magic for her loved ones too.

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