Kanye West Drops Mic, Walks Off Stage at Pan Am Games Closing Ceremony (UPDATED)

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UPDATE: Pan Am issued a statement Tuesday evening, shooting down reports that Kanye West had abruptly cut his performance short.

"As this was a live broadcast, Kanye West was always scheduled to perform for 13 minutes. He fulfilled this commitment in great style and while there was technical difficulty at the end due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, he rolled with it the way great artists do. To imply that he abruptly cut short his performance or that he was anything less than professional is incorrect. We could not have been more thrilled," Neala Barton, Senior VP Communications and Media Relations for Pan Am, said in a statement to ET.

Kanye West cannot be bothered with "technical difficulties" when he's performing for a 40,000-plus audience.

The 38-year-old rapper
was the headlining act during Sunday's Pan Am Games Closing Ceremony in Toronto, Canada, but cut his concert short after encountering some audio issues.

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While many say West -- who was dressed in a stylish pair of ripped jeans, an oversized blue sweater, trendy sneakers and a gold chain -- was fun and energetic during his show, his mood quickly changed when he started having mic problems between his performance of "Good Life" and "All of the Lights," Billboard reports.

That's when West threw his microphone up in the air and stormed off the stage without any explanation.

The CBS Olympics attempted to shed light on the incident by tweeting: "Official word from #TO2015 on Kanye's mic issues: 'Technical error.'"

This isn't the first (and probably not the last) outburst we've seen from West at a big event. At this year's GRAMMYS, Yeezus threatened to storm the stage when Beck won Album of the Year over Beyonce.

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Earlier in the evening, the outspoken artist told ET that he felt the GRAMMYS' way of choosing winners was "flawed."

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Even when he's not performing, West sure knows how to cause a scene.

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