Ed Sheeran Steps In After Justin Bieber Cancels Festival Appearance

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Bieber was set to make his first on-stage appearance since 2013.

Ed Sheeran is a good friend!

The singer added another stop to his ongoing x World Tour to fill in after Justin Bieber had to cancel an appearance at the Fusion Festival in England on Aug. 28.

"I know I said Wembley was my last UK show of this tour but my mate had a cancellation on his festival so I'm filling in last minute," Sheeran tweeted on Thursday.

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"Thanks buddy," Bieber replied. "I owe u one. UK there is no one better to step up. I will see u all soon. Until then enjoy Ed. No one better :)"

The Biebs broke the news of the cancellation to fans earlier in the week, tweeting a statement that he was canceling the scheduled appearance, which would have been his first real stage show since 2013, due to "an unforseen issue."

"To all my UK beliebers," the statement read, "Due to an unforeseen issue I will be unable to perform at the Fusion Festival on August 28th. I support the Prince's Trust wholeheartedly and I am deeply disappointed I won't be able to perform. I look forward to the opportunity to give my UK beliebers a great show in the near future, and hope to honor my commitment to Trust at that time."

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The singer’s later tweets extended his apology, mentioning the Prince’s Trust, the charity benefitted by the Fusion Festival, and assuring U.K. fans that the Biebs "will see you soon."

While the reasoning for his cancellation was unclear, it seems the singer might be preoccupied with working on his new music, as he’s been teasing a new album and new single "What Do You Mean?" on Twitter recently.

Way to be a pal, Ed!

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