Selena Gomez Opens Up About New Music and Insecurities: 'I've Been So Stressed About Everything'

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She might be a pop star, but Selena Gomez is ready to challenge fans’ expectations of her music with her new single "Good for You."

"It wasn’t just gonna be a dance track that was gonna be in all the clubs," the singer told BBC Radio 1’s Scott Mills on Friday. 'It was supposed to be almost like a tone track so people would understand that I am going in a new direction and I have found something that’s really special and I can’t wait to share it.'

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A$AP Rocky is featured on the remix of "Good for You," though the singer admitted she hasn’t even met the rapper in person yet.

"I just got his new record; I'm a huge fan of his anyhow," Gomez said of A$AP. "I was listening to the new record and I was figuring out the first single at that time, and 'Good For You' ended up being the first single. I just found his number through our people and I texted him and said, 'Hey, huge fan. Would you check out the song? I would love to see if you'd want to do anything with it.' And he loved it."

The single will be featured on Revival, Gomez’s sophomore follow-up album to 2013's Stars Dance. The singer says the title of the album was inspired by her new creative direction.

"I was in Mexico and I came up with the title of the album because all of these things all of the songs that have come into my life are so fresh and so different and funky and cool and sensual," she told Mills. "It just kind of happened that way and I can’t wait for people to hear that."

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Gomez explained that while she’s excited about the new album, she’s also been wracked with nerves about showcasing her new musical direction.

"I've been so stressed about everything from the second single to how we're going to present the album," she confessed.

Gomez is even stressed about social media, where she boasts 31.7 million Twitter followers and 40.5 million Instagram followers, numbers that the singer is somewhat skeptical of.

"I don't understand all of that sometimes," she said. "I think about things very realistically, because I feel like some of those accounts probably don't even actually exist. I also get very weird about that stuff. I'm like, 'Well, why isn't like everybody selling 40 million albums?'"

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The singer even came clean about being insecure when it came time to ask A$AP Rocky to appear on the album. Thankfully, it all worked out for the best.

"I was totally prepared for a 'No, I'm good. Thank you,'" she said. "It was so great and he changed some of the production of the song which made it better, and I let him have, like, full-on freedom with everything. It was really fun."

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