One Direction Channels Backstreet Boys in 'Drag Me Down' Music Video

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In their ongoing attempts to make sure their fans never feel comfortable going to sleep lest they miss something important, One Direction released their new music video for their song Drag Me Downlate Thursday evening.

And, honestly, it almost feels like they're throwing down against the Backstreet Boys' music video for their 1999 hit "I Want It That Way."

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In the video for "Drag Me Down," written after Zayn Malik left the group, the boys of 1D are training to be astronauts -- training that includes dancing in a space shuttle hangar, drinking coffee with robots and a lot of walking around in orange jumpsuits.

Meanwhile, here's the classic video for "I Want It That Way," to refresh your memory (as if you need a refresher. Don't lie).

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It feels like "Drag Me Down" is the bigger, higher-budget sequel to the Backstreet Boy's airplane hangar dancing. It feels like 1D just tried to up the ante on every front.

"Oh, you guys are dancing in an airplane hangar?" the video for "Drag Me Down" asks the video for "I Want Tt That Way" with a sneer. "That's cool I guess. Here's us dancing in a NASA shuttle hangar!"

"Oh, you guys wearing matching white outfits?" the song adds. "We're all wearing matching orange spacesuits!"

"Oh, you guys have adoring groupies (that you inexplicably don’t acknowledge or even look at)? Not bad. We have robot friends!"

"Oh, at the end you guys fly off on your private jet? Not bad, not bad. However, WE FLY OFF INTO OUTER SPACE AND ORBIT THE PLANET!"

We get it, 1D, we get it. Calm down. You don't need to prove yourself. Your fans already love you. And, we get that you guys feel like Zayn was the only thing holding you back from your life-long dream of interstellar travel, but you don't need to rub it in. Work that stuff out privately

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