Justin Bieber Hooks Up With Model Xenia Deli in Sexy 'What Do You Mean?' Music Video


You've never seen Justin Bieber like this before!

The 21-year-old pop star debuted his highly sexual music video for "What Do you Mean?" on Sunday, following his emotional performance at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

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The video shows Bieber meeting model Xenia Deli in a sleazy motel room for a sexy rendezvous. The two strip down, Bieber to his Calvin Klein underwear, and have their hands all over each other. At one point, Deli even licks Bieber's chest.

The couple's hookup is interrupted when kidnappers break into the room, and take them away.

The video was directed by Brad Furman -- who also directed The Lincoln Lawyer -- and also stars actor John Leguizamo as the bad guy who's after Bieber and his girl.

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Calling out the mature content of this video, Bieber compared a steamy scene from "What Do You Mean?" with one of his older music videos on Instagram. The message read: "Freshman year vs. Senior year."

While Bieber is taking charge in his new music video, he had a bit of a breakdown at the VMAs. After his performance of both "What Do You Mean?" and "Where Are U Now," the "Baby" singer started crying on live television.

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See where Bieber's ex Selena Gomez was when this all went down:

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