EXCLUSIVE: Watch Linda Perry Sweetly Serenade Her Baby Boy With Sara Gilbert

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Brace yourselves -- this is going the be the cutest thing you'll see all day.

ET sat down with Linda Perry and Sara Gilbert to learn about their new children's album, Deer Sounds, out Sept. 18, which was inspired by the couple's 6-month-old son, Rhodes.

"I'd be holding him and singing songs, and then I was like, 'You know what, I'm gonna whip out my iPhone' and I put it down and pushed record, and I was like, 'I think this might come in handy,'" says Perry. "I started playing it to [Sara] and the kids and they were like, 'That sounds like a children's album. You should write that' ... I asked Sara to help me on stuff and the kids jumped in, but Rhodes was the inspiration to all of it. I have to credit him because without him, it wouldn't have happened."

EXCLUSIVE: How Linda Perry and Sara Gilbert's 6-Month-Old Son Inspired Their Children's Album

Our cameras were rolling at the Gibson showroom in Beverly Hills, where Perry performed a special acoustic performance of the song that inspired it all, "Dreambot," while little Rhodes giggled, cooed, and shrieked happily from Gilbert's arms. See the adorable moment in the video above.

Perry has high expectations for the couple's new projects, telling ET under no uncertain terms that Rhodes -- who is credited as a songwriter and performer on the album -- will score a golden trophy before his first birthday.

"That's the truth," Perry gushed. "We're gonna win a GRAMMY for this record and he's gonna be in history, the youngest GRAMMY winner ever." (And yes, they have every intention of dressing Rhodes up in a baby tuxedo and hat for the red carpet. "Put that kid to work!" Gilbert jokes.)

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The Talk
co-host's two older children, Levi and Sawyer, and the children of Perry's brother, also had a hand in the project.

"I'm the leader of the band, and then we had a bunch of kids come in and sing different parts and made it like, a friends family kind of album," says Perry. "The whole concept that Sara and I really wanted to do was just, no matter what, we wanted to have fun doing this. That's it. That was the only intention."

Deer Sounds
, which serves double duty as the album title and group name, hits shelves on Sept. 18.

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"The thing I love about the album is, it's not just for kids," says Gilbert. "Every parent's been in the car going, 'Oh my God, I can't hear this 'Car Goes Beep Beep' song one more time! So, the album is really a family album that, some songs even sound a little bit more adult, that one could be a ballad for anybody. I think kids will love it, but it's got the sweetness that parents will understand about watching their kids grow up."

See more from the interview in the video below.