6 Celebs Who Made Their Kids the Star of Their Music Video

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Home movies are one thing, but when you’re a chart-topping artist, you can do your kids one better by letting them star in your music video!

Here’s a look at a few artists who made their videos a family affair.

1. Kelly Clarkson - “Piece By Piece”

The American Idol alum used her daughter River Rose to preview the first single off her 2015 album, Piece By Piece -- Clarkson’s first musical release since becoming a mother in June 2014 -- but for the album’s heartfelt title track, she gave her baby girl a starring role.

The song details Clarkson’s own abandonment issues after her parents divorced when she was five years old and how husband Brandon Blackstock helped restore her belief “that a man could be kind / and a father could stay.”

"Even from holding her the first day, I was like, 'How could anyone walk away from that?'” Clarkson told Glamour of her inspirational baby girl back in March. “Then I started thinking that my husband is such a great father. We're definite partners, and I felt so lucky."

“He’ll never walk away / He’ll never break her heart / He’ll take care of things / He’ll love her,” Clarkson croons in the final chorus before she and her adorable daughter share a sweet kiss.

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2. Kanye West - “Only One” feat. Paul McCartney

The rapper penned this sweet track for two of the most important women in his life: his daughter North West and his late mother, Donda West. The official video for the song is simply footage of the father and daughter playing together outside on a rainy day.

"My mom was singing to me, and through me to my daughter," West said of "Only One" in a statement about the song’s release in December 2014. He told Ellen in January that he was learning a lot from fatherhood, as well as being married to wife Kim Kardashian, saying, “I think I'm a better human being because of her, and because of my daughter.”

Kardashian has said the song -- which concludes with the rapper channeling his mother, singing “Tell Nori about me” -- is her favorite in the rapper’s repertoire.

“Kanye feels like his mom sang thru him to our daughter,” she tweeted. “I cry every time I hear this song.”

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3. Britney Spears - “Ooh La La”

The singer’s video for her 2013 song from The Smurfs 2 soundtrack was a true family affair, as sons Sean Preston and Jayden James joined their mom in the video, taking their seats in the movie theater together before Brit Brit is sucked up into the world of the Smurfs on the big screen.

Sean and Jayden seemed to to have a great time, laughing and waving “Hi Mom!” as Britney sang and danced with her tiny blue friends. It was almost as adorable as the time the mother and sons recreated Britney’s iconic Oops!...I Did It Again album cover.

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4. Tim McGraw - “The Last Dollar (Fly Away)”

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s three daughters have inherited not only the the couple’s good looks, but also their talent for country crooning. While McGraw and Gracie, now 18, recently shared the stage for a touching duet, the singer’s 2006 video for “The Last Dollar (Fly Away)” featuring home video footage of Gracie, 17-year-old Maggie, and 13-year-old Audrey as little girls, singing along to their dad’s catchy chorus.

“1, 2, 3, like a bird I sing / ‘cause you’ve given me the most beautiful set of wings,” the girls sing as the video shows them playing and making music with their loving dad.

The whole McGraw/Hill family made a public appearance at the Time 100 gala back in April, where McGraw was honored. "We're always proud of him,” Hill told ET of her hubby, “but tonight, it's nice to have the girls here."

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5. Will Smith - “Just the Two of Us”

“Now Dad, this is a very sensitive subject,” Smith’s eldest son Trey, now 23, told his rapper pop at the top of this adorable father-son song. The lyrics of the song focus on Smith’s insecurities as a first-time father, as well as his hopes for his son’s future.

“Sometimes I wonder, what you gonna be? / A general, a doctor, maybe a MC,” Smith raps over footage of him and a 5-year-old Trey playing, as well as other smiling father-son duos.

Nowadays, Smith is father to another son, 17-year-old Jaden, as well as 15-year-old daughter Willow, and while he loves and supports all his kids, he admits that being a dad is no easy feat.

“Twenty-three [years old] is good,” he told Ellen recently. “But like, teenagers, should be an affliction, you know? "Like, when people come up to you, like, 'Hey Will, how you doing?' -- 'Awww man I got a teenager.'"

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6. Beyonce - “Blue”

But nothing can beat Queen Bey’s tribute to her precious 3-year-old daughter with husband Jay Z. Blue Ivy Carter isn’t just featured in the video, she’s the star of the song!

“When I look in your eyes,” Beyonce sings to her baby girl in the track, which was included on her surprise self-titled fifth studio album, “I feel alive.”

Blue appears with her famous mom against a tropical Brazilian backdrop in the video for her namesake song, and even has featured vocals on the song, laughing and calling out to her mom, as well as mimicking the song’s ethereal chorus, “Hold on to me.”

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