In Defense of Super Bowl 50 Headliner Coldplay

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When news hit that Coldplay, the British rock band fronted by Chris Martin, was headlining the Super Bowl 50 halftime show -- arguably the world’s biggest stage -- the reaction was mixed.

Coldplay’s legions of fans were notably happy about the news. “If you’ve seen #Coldplay perform live, you just know their Super Bowl act is gonna be spectacular,” one wrote. But it seemed many were less than thrilled with the NFL’s choice. “Lmfao what is this 2003,” read one tweet, while another listed every other possible act as better choices: “Why is coldplay performing at the superbowl when Kanye, Drake, Kendrick and J. Cole are alive.”

Martin himself has commented over the years on Coldplay’s divisiveness, telling Z100’s Elvis Duran in a recent interview that he’s A-OK with not being everyone’s No. 1 pick. “We’ve become comfortable with the band we are. I know that there are some people who really don’t like it and I really don’t mind. It’s fine. It’s OK,” he said. “That’s a very liberating feeling.”

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Well, we here at ETonline believe Coldplay is the best choice to lead the landmark Super Bowl 50 halftime show, and here are seven reasons why.

1. Viva La Vida Live

Coldplay may not be your typical “hard rock” band -- Martin calls it “limestone rock” -- but the foursome rock out harder in concert than their seven albums would indicate. Take their 2011 headlining set at Glastonbury, when they led an audience of 80,000 deep in a glorified singalong complete with confetti stars, fireworks (because they can) and their own laser show. There’s a reason they were once named Best Live Act!

2. Everyone Knows a Coldplay Song

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t know a Coldplay tune, even if they say they don’t. Hear the opening chords to “Clocks” or “Viva La Vida,” and we dare you not to do your best Martin croon. It’s one thing to appeal to the masses -- just think about how many hits their set list will have! -- but it’s a completely different story when you can appeal to dogsand grandparents. Not every rock band can tout that.

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3. Spot the Famous Friend

The group has been around long enough to become BFFs with music’s coolest artists, such as Jay Z, Beyonce, Avicii and Rihanna, and it’s certainly upped the band’s cross-genre cred. As one of the world’s nicest groups, we just don’t think Martin and his bandmates wouldn’t share the wealth. Remember, Beyonce is featured on “Hymn for the Weekend,” Jay remixed “Lost," Avicii produced club banger "A Sky Full of Stars" and Rhi Rhi is featured on "Princess of China." Really, we just want more onstage moments like these at the big game:

4. Thinking Outside the Box

Coldplay’s last worldwide trek, the Mylo Xyloto Tour, had what may have been one of the coolest inventions to date: a flashing, light-up bracelet that synced to the music. The inventor of the “Xylobands” even said that the idea came to him while he was -- yup, you guessed it -- at a Coldplay concert. Now that’s powerful stuff. We can only imagine what Coldplay dreams up next for the Super Bowl show because this is simply magical:

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5. The Gwyneth Factor

Martin had a brief fling with actress Jennifer Lawrence earlier this year, and has recently been linked to Peaky Blinders star Annabelle Wallis, but it’s ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow that we’re really excited to try and spot at the big game. Paltrow is even featured on the band’s new album, A Head Full of Dreams, appearing on the song “Everglow.” Maybe Super Bowl 50 will be the first to feature an A-lister singing backup? The former couple has dueted at least once before:

6. No Chance of a Wardrobe Malfunction

The band is a pretty PC pick for the halftime extravaganza, meaning we probably won’t have to worry about any nip slips or risque dance moves. In fact, if the band’s video for “True Love” is any indicator, Martin might opt to cloak himself in a bulky costume, Left Shark-style.

7. Moves Like Martin

Depending on how the game goes, your fellow viewers might be ready to break out their sloppiest dance moves by the time the halftime show rolls around. Have no fear, Martin’s got every bad move and stiff dad dance beat with his lanky, flailing stage presence. See for yourself:

Super Bowl 50 takes place at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California on Sunday, Feb. 7, 2016 on CBS.

Who else may be joining Coldplay on the big stage? Press play on the video below to find out!