EXCLUSIVE: Keke Palmer on Her Grown-Up, Sexy New Music: I'm Recording With 'No Limits'

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Keke Palmer is all grown up, and she isn’t afraid to show it.

The star just dropped her new single, “Enemiez” -- and it reveals a whole new side of the 22-year-old former Nickelodeon star.

“It’s a lot different from the music I started out doing, and the mixtapes that I’ve done up until this point,” Palmer told ET on Saturday, before the Scream Queens PaleyFest panel.

“I’m excited for what people are going to feel when they hear this album,” she continued. “It’s a very experimental album for me, and I’m trying a lot of new things and I’m, you know, just allowing myself to just freely create, no limits.”

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The song features lyrics like, “I want you inside of me / Can you fill this empty space?” And “Gotta be honest, I want you to lust for me / And if we're just friends I'd rather be your enemy / So we can do all the things you're holding back from me.” Check it out:

Like the song, the video is very grown up for Palmer -- but also a throwback to the R&B/pop sound of the late ‘90s.

“Aaliyah’s definitely a huge inspiration of mine,” Palmer said. “So, I definitely feel like you’ll always see bits and pieces of her ... That’s one of my favorite things about artists, is when …  you can really figure out, ‘Oh, I see this person, this little bit, this thing here.’ So when people tell me they see little pieces of Aaliyah in the video, it’s very special to me.”

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TLC’s influence is also seen in the video. Palmer, of course, played Chili in 2013’s VH1 biopic, Crazy, Sexy, Cool -- and paid tribute to the group while on-set of Scream Queens last season with co-stars Niecy Nash and Billie Lourd.

“First of all, Billie is my girl,” Palmer gushed. “I literally went through the roof when I saw her here … We’ve all been separated, doing our own stuff, and getting back into L.A., ‘cause we were in New Orleans filming, so to see everybody again is the best.”

For more from PaleyFest -- and what you can expect from season two of Scream Queens -- check out the video below.