Mumford and Sons Donates Proceeds From North Carolina Concert to LGBT Charity

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While several artists have canceled their concerts in North Carolina in protest over the state's anti LGBT law, the Mumford and Sons have a different approach.

Ahead of their Thursday concert in Charlotte, North Carolina, the band announced that they would be donating proceeds from their show to a LGBT charity after the state made a new law, known as HB2, that bars transgender people from using public restrooms in accordance with their gender identity..

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"As a band that relishes welcoming everyone to our shows and promoting tolerance, we do want to take a stand with the people of North Carolina who this week are shouting loudly against intolerance, fear and discrimination," Mumford and Sons posted on their Facebook page. "Over the years we've looked for ways to contribute to the vitality of local communities and, in that spirit, we're now creating a charitable fund to support those who have made it their mission to pursue love and justice. We will be donating all of our profits from this show to this new fund. And we will start by making a donation from it to a local LGBTQ organization."

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The band added, "As always, we will open the doors to our show to anyone who wants to come, and are excited to get down with the people of Charlotte."

Cyndi Lauper also announced
this week that she too will donating all her profits made from her concert in North Carolina to a LGBT organization. "I look forward to coming to North Carolina and standing up for equality and fairness," she said in a statement. "If we truly want an inclusive society, we all have to include ourselves in the effort to make that happen. This is the best way I know how to include myself and urge you to join me in the best way you know how."

Meanwhile, Bruce Springsteen and Ringo Starr canceled their shows in protest of the bill.

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