David Spade Recalls Awkwardly Meeting Adele: 'I Was a Little Buzzed'


David Spade admitted he was slightly tipsy when he got up the nerve to introduce himself to Adele.

On Tuesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the 51-year-old comedian said he was "a little star struck" when he saw the "beautiful Adele" at a sushi restaurant with her squad. "I was like, 'I think that’s Adele.' I go, 'I’m not gonna say anything because I’m not like that,'" Spade recalled. "Then I got a few knocks in me. Oh yeah, little loud mouth soup."

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After having a few drinks, he said he approached her table and spoke to the 27-year-old musician's bodyguard. "I don’t want to just bust in, so I do the procedure where I walk up, and he’s like, 'And you are?' And I go, 'Hey, can I go talk to Adele? I’m sort of a medium star,'" he quipped. "I go in. I don’t say hello. I don’t give the cornball [introduction]. I go, 'Wassup.' I gave her the American one."

Spade confessed that he didn't realize how nervous he'd be to meet the "Hello" singer. "I talked to her and she was very sweet. She goes, 'I’m playing the Staples Center in August.' I go, 'Oh, that whole month is tough for me,'" he continued. "She invites me and I don’t even know what I’m saying, because I’m a little loopy, buzzed."

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The Rules of Engagement star said he just kept "yamming away" to Adele and her friends. "And I said, 'Let’s do this at my house next time. I have a huge back yard.' What am I talking about? Why am I saying this? It was probably there four minutes too long," he joked. "Anyway, it was great, very embarrassing. But when you get star struck, I see what happens you don’t know what’s going on."

Adele has been quite chummy with her fans ever since she started her world tour. During her concert in Belfast, Northern Ireland, she even helped a guy propose to his girlfriend. Check it out: