Adele Is All of Us Fangirling Over Beyonce and 'Lemonade': 'I've Just Been Speechless'


Stars, they’re just like us! They eat, they sleep, they totally lose their minds when Beyonce drops new music.

Such is the case with Adele, who took to Instagram on Tuesday to sing the praises of Queen Bey’s latest album, Lemonade.

“I'm not late on this I've just been speechless,” the 27-year-old singer captioned a shot of her cuddling with a larger-than-life cutout of Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” single. “Beyonce is the most inspiring person I've ever had the pleasure of worshipping. Her talent, beauty, grace and work ethic are all in a league of their own.”

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It’s not the first time Adele has proudly flown her BeyHive flag. Last year, she adamantly refuted rumors that she had turned down a request to duet with the chart-topping diva.

“I would never disrespect her like that,” Adele insisted during a radio interview with Beats 1’s Zane Lowe. “I’m such a fan...Obviously, like, Queen Bey 'til the day I die."
The duet has yet to happen, but that doesn’t mean fans around the world, and Adele herself, aren’t keeping their fingers crossed.

“I appreciate you so much!” she concluded her Instagram message. “Thank god for Beyoncé X.”

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Proving that Queen Bey has music fans across all genres, Blake Shelton told ET on Monday that even he is a Lemonade fan, putting his support behind the diva’s new country-tinged track, “Daddy Lessons.”

"People that criticize can kiss my a**. That's what I say," the country superstar told ET’s Sophie Schillaci backstage at The Voice. "I can't believe people that don't contribute to music that criticize music, it just blows my mind and Beyonce -- tell them to kiss that a**, is what I would do."

See more in the video below!

EXCLUSIVE: Blake Shelton Says Beyonce's Country Critics Can 'Kiss That A**'