'Divergent' Star Ansel Elgort Releases Debut EDM Single 'Home Alone' -- Hear It Now!

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Song of the summer? It's already stuck in our heads.

Ansel Elgort has released his debut single, because it's not enough for the 22-year-old actor to be beautiful and the star of the Divergent franchise -- he has to be a virtuoso as well.

Elgort released his new song, "Home Alone," on Soundcloud on Friday. While the electro pop tune may not be what you'd expect from the guy that made us all cry as Augustus Waters, Elgort certainly knows what he's doing.

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Listen to the song below:

While Elgort's been performing as a DJ under the name Ansolo since 2014, this is the first single we've heard from him as an artist. The Billionaire Boys Club star recently opened up to DuJour about following his passion and finding his sound.

"I'm still making club music, but I'm also working on a lot that's just singing and piano," Elgort told the magazine. "Before I started producing music, I was writing music on the piano and singing…and once I got into producing, I put that aside. Right now, I'm really inspired by that idea of doing everything myself. A lot of my new stuff is electronic, but at the same time it's not all dance music."

But acting is still important to the LaGuardia grad, who is currently filming his new movie, Baby Driver. "Music is definitely a totally different part [of my brain from acting]," Elgort explained, adding that being able to both act and create music keeps him "versatile." "When I go on set and I become Baby, from Baby Driver, or when I was Jim Hunt in Billionaire Boys Club, it's a very different thing than this kid who’s making music in his bedroom."

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With his debut single just released and three films coming out in the next two years, Elgort's certainly got a lot on his plate -- but that doesn't mean he doesn't know how to let loose! Check out how the actor celebrated his 22nd birthday in the video below.