Justin Bieber Teases New 'Cold Water' Single With an Impressive Backflip

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Justin Bieber is flipping out about the upcoming release of his new single.

The Purpose singer took to Twitter on Wednesday to tease his new song, "Cold Water," with a gif of himself and a friend pulling off a well-orchestrated backflip on a trampoline.

"#coldwater new single with @MAJORLAZER next Friday," Bieber captioned the impressive clip.

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It's not clear what role the half-shirtless trampoline gymnastics plays in regards to his new song. Perhaps it's just the 22-year-old popstar's way of expressing his excitement.

And the singer has more than just a new single to be excited about! His Purpose Tour merchandise is going on sale at Barneys stores across the country on July 16, marking the first time in the famous retailer's history that they've sold merchandise from any musician's tour.

Bieber promoted the fashion partnership, tweeting a promo pic to announce the product launch.

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While Bieber's Purpose shirts are likely going to fly off the shelves, the singer's Tour started off with a serious mishap when fans who bought merch noticed a super embarrassing typo on the shirts: The word "Purpose" was misspelled!

Check out the video below for more on the hilariously awkward misprint.

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