EXCLUSIVE: A Thousand Horses Talk 'Surreal' Opening Spot on Jason Aldean Tour

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A Thousand Horses had a huge hit last year with their song, "Smoke," but compared to some acts, they're still relative newbies to the country music game.

The group, which consists of Michael Hobby (lead singer), Bill Satcher (guitar), Zach Brown (guitar and vocals) and Graham Deloach (bass and vocals), formed in 2010 and released their debut full-length, Southernality, in 2015.

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Now the boys, who also rocked country charts with the single "(This Ain't No) Drunk Dial," are on the road with Jason Aldean and Thomas Rhett on the Six Strong Circus Tour, and they're not taking the opportunity in stride.

ET chatted with A Thousand Horses to find out what it's like to hit the road with a musical icon, why they need to up their beer drinking game, and what's coming up next for the band.

What was your first reaction when you got the call about opening for Jason?
Hobby: We were all together and could not believe it. We are very grateful for the opportunity to go out with a guy we respect so much. For him to pick us was surreal -- we've been fans for a long time.

You guys have already been on the road with Jason for a bit. What's the biggest thing you've learned from him so far?
Satcher: It's been great to watch his set and learn from that kind of live experience. Jason goes out there every night and really blows the roof off the place, so I think we've learned that you always have to keep pushing and bringing your A-game to every show. I still have to learn to shotgun a beer like he does on stage, though!

Will you tailor any of your songs differently for the road?
Deloach: We're out with some great artists on the Six String Circus Tour, so we want to keep our set rocking. We've worked up some cool transitions and even thrown in a new song.

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What does opening for someone like Jason do for a band like A Thousand Horses?
Brown: Getting to play in front of so many country music fans every night is huge for us on an exposure level. Jason draws a crowd that likes to rock, so it's been great for us.

If you had an elevator pitch to sell to fans for why they should come early to see you guys, what would it be?
Hobby: If you want to catch a good buzz and a kick-ass show, I recommend you be in front of the stage at 7:30 p.m. -- that's when A Thousand Horses goes on!

What can we expect next from you after a hit like "Smoke"?
Hobby: We have been working really hard on new songs and getting ready for album number two. We are calling the evolution of our sound A Thousand Horses 2.0. We are really excited about it and can't wait for everyone to hear it!

The Six Strings Circus Tour hits Indianapolis, Indiana, on July 21 and St. Louis, Missouri, on July 22. Show dates run through Oct. 1.

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