EXCLUSIVE: Jared Leto Teases 'Incredible' Thirty Seconds to Mars Album: 'We're Almost Done With It'

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Jared Leto has been killing it in Hollywood, scoring some celebrated roles and delivering acclaimed performances, but that doesn't mean he's put music on the back-burner.

The Oscar-winner spoke with ET's Carly Steel at the New York premiere of Suicide Squadon Monday, where he revealed that his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars, has some big news.

"We are working on our fifth album now, which is incredible," Leto shared. "We never thought we would get this far."

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The group, whose self-titled debut album dropped almost 14 years ago, released a teaser on Monday, revealing that the band is set to release their new album sometime next year.

"We're almost done with it and it looks like it will be out in 2017," Leto confirmed.

The 44-year-old entertainer isn't letting anything get in the way of promoting his new comic book epic, Suicide Squad, in which he plays Batman's long-time nemesis, the Joker.

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Leto isn’t the only Suicide Squad star excited by the film's upcoming release. Will Smith, who plays the assassin Deadshot, spoke with ET on the red carpet where he said the movie is so good, his kids don't think he ever needs to act again.

"They saw it three days ago, and they're coming to see it again. They told me I don't ever have to work again," Smith joked. "They said this is it. I'll never make anything better than this." Check out the interview below to hear more.