John Lennon's Son Sean Slams 'Snobs' Hating on Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Meeting Mom Yoko Ono


The late Beatles rocker's son has had it with the Kimye haters.

Sean Lennon thinks all the haters should just let it be.

The son of late Beatles rocker John Lennon aired some grievances with his fans on Facebook on Tuesday, after reading some negative reactions to a photo he posted of Kim Kardashian West with his mother, Yoko Ono, at Kanye West's Madison Square Garden show in NYC.

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"Wow I didn't realize how many snobs were on my page," Lennon said in the NSFW comment rant. "Kimye invited us to a concert. We attended. We met backstage. I took a photo. They were very nice to my mother making sure she had escorts in and out of MSG. I like people who are nice to my mother."

"You guys think you're so f**king great?" he continued. "I bet none of you would say no to a photo with a nice lady who invited you to her husband's concert. You think Kanye is an a**hole? Well he is a big fan of mom's knows a lot about her performance art. He was certainly more respectful to her than many of you are to me and my family."

"I'm not such a snob that I think I'm too good to take a photo with someone who is being nice to my mother," Lennon explained. "If you guys think you're above a simple photograph, your morals are so high that it's beneath you to take a f**king photo, then please leave my page I'm obviously not good enough for your superior disposition."

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Lennon's comment drew a lot of support from fans as well as some criticism, and the 40-year-old singer did not back down, continuing to stand up for West in a later post.

"You think Kanye represents what's wrong w America?" Lennon wrote. "He's just a rapper, and a good one at that. There is sooooo much more that is wrong w america besides an arrogant and talented rapper."

"I do think you're being a snob if you think there's anything wrong with this photo or if you think you're somehow better than Kanye or Kim," he explained. "We're all just humans, we're all equal."

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And when one commenter quoted Lennon's father's song, "Imagine," to suggest he was overreacting, Lennon responded, "People quote my dads songs to me every day. But I can honestly say that was the dumbest paraphrasing of his lyrics I've ever seen."


Looks like Lennon is fiercely Team Kimye.

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