Joe Jonas Makes Out With 'Baywatch' Actress Charlotte McKinney in Sexy DNCE Music Video

The band's music video for "Body Moves" is nearly NSFW.

DNCE's new music video for their sexy song, "Body Moves," is nearly NSFW.

The music video is set around the band's frontman, Joe Jonas, who appears to be making a sex tape with model and actress Charlotte McKinney at the start of the song, and is later seen making out and getting handsy with her in an elevator. The 27-year-old singer goes shirtless for the intimate scenes, while 23-year-old McKinney dons lingerie.

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As for the rest of the band, bassist-keyboardist Cole Whittle, guitarist JinJoo and drummer Jack Lawless, they also appear in the music video for a fun dance party sequence.

McKinney is Jonas' latest music video muse, following model Ashley Graham, who appeared in the band's music video for "Toothbrush."

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While chatting with ET about her steamy scenes with Jonas, Graham admitted that she's a fan of the band. "This is my first music video and I've been a fan since 'Cake by the Ocean,' which I can't get out of my mind," she noted while on set. "It's such a great song and they're such amazing, interesting people individually, and I'm just happy to be here."

Here is ET’s behind-the-scenes look at the music video: