The Weeknd Releases Graphic New 'False Alarm' Music Video


The Weeknd is really pushing the envelope with his graphic and ambitious "False Alarm" music video, released Thursday on Vevo.

The six-minute video starts with a parental advisory warning for its "explicit content" and "graphic violence," and with good reason. The storyline follows a bank robbery gone wrong which quickly turns into an expletive-laced blood bath.

Directed by Hardcore Henry helmer Ilya Naishuller, the video is shot almost entirely in a first-person perspective.

The heist ends with a high-speed chase and horrific crash as the first-person robber helps save a young lady taken hostage. When the robber's abdomen is pierced by a shard of glass following the crash, the hostage takes off with the stolen money as sirens approach the totaled getaway van, and the robber (who is revealed to be The Weeknd) takes his own life.

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Elements of the "False Alarm" video parallel the 26-year-old singer's video for "Starboy," which was released last month. In the latter, The Weeknd plays a burglar essentially shedding a version of his past by killing his old self.

The singer first premiered "False Alarm" just ahead of his appearance on the season opener of Saturday Night Live earlier this month.

His upcoming album, Starboy, is set for a Nov. 25 release.