Frank Ocean Gave His First Interview in 3 Years and Was Asked About... His Shoes -- Watch!

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Frank Ocean's first interview in three years was very short, but we'll take what we can get!

The Blonde singer, who mostly shies away from the public side of being an artist, stopped briefly to answer questions on C-SPAN while attending President Barack Obama's final state dinner on Tuesday night, and was asked first about his unconventional choice of footwear -- checkered black-and-white Vans.

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"First time doing it, probably because it's my first time here," the 28-year-old singer answered when asked about his shoes. "You can't think, you just have to do things."

As for what he planned to say when meeting the president, Ocean answered he'd probably be "asking Obama if he had fun these last eight years. Just congratulating him also."

"No, I didn't,"added Ocean of whether he ever expected to be attending a White House dinner. He also joked, "I think that explains the Vans."

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The artist finished up the interview by saying that he probably doesn't have time to hit the campaign trail and perform in support of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

"Concerts, probably not," he admitted. "I think I might have to catch her in four years."

Watch the whole exchange below.

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It should be noted that the lead single off Ocean's acclaimed recent album is called "Nikes," so the shoe question would have been a perfect way to pivot to asking about the album.

And since Blonde is not eligible for a GRAMMY -- after the singer reportedly decided not to submit it -- it may be a while before we get another chance to get inside the elusive artist's mind.

Well, we still loved hearing from you, Frank! If only for a short time.

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Meanwhile, Michelle Obama showed up to her final state dinner in an absolutely show-stopping Atelier Versace dress.

Watch the video below for more.

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