Ke$ha on Her 'Sleazy' New Project


Of all the products one would imagine earning pop sensation Ke$ha's endorsement, a wristwatch would be pretty far down the list, but after sitting down with the wild-child singer during her Get Sleazy tour stop in San Francisco, it all begins to make sense.

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'[The watches] are waterproof," Ke$ha explains. "They're okay if you are a little bit rowdy… so I can wear them on stage."

The shock and water-resistant Casio Baby-G's are specially designed by Ke$ha in two outrageous styles: a black leopard design sure to bring out the animal inside ($120), and an American flag-themed watch, signifying the importance of freedom of expression ($99).

Watch the video to hear more about Ke$ha's line of Casio Baby-G's, plus hear some inside scoop on her upcoming album.

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For more information, or to find out how you can snag your very own specially-designed wristwatch, visit the Baby-G website.