EXCLUSIVE: John Legend On Filming Baby Luna for His 'Love Me Now' Music Video: 'She Was So Good'

The singer's 7-month-old daughter is a natural on set!

Babies can be tough to work with on set, but John Legend's little one is the exception

The singer opened up to ET about filming the music video for his song, "Love Me Now," with wife Chrissy Teigen and the couple's 7-month-old daughter, Luna.

"She was so good, it was so easy," Legend, 37, shared. "We just did literally two takes with her."

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As adorable as she is, it's hard to believe Luna would ever be hard to work with, but Legend did admit the timing of the shoot happened to work out pretty well.

"We had to catch her while she was in a good mood," he explained. "And she woke up from her nap and had some food."

And while he did note that Luna does have her cries and fits, the singer also revealed that he and Teigen have been told to "assume your next child will not be as good as her, because she's about as good as she can get."

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Wait. Should we expect Luna to get another sibling sometime soon?

"I hope so, yeah," Legend replied, when asked whether he and Teigen are planning to expand their family. "We both hope to have more."

Meanwhile, Luna's role in the video is fitting, given that her name helped to inspire the title of Legend's new album, Darkness and Light, which is out now.

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"I named my daughter, Luna, which is literally light and darkness, the moon," he explained. "She was born while the song "Super Fly" by Curtis Mayfield was playing. And the first line of the song is, Darkness of night, with the moon shining bright."

"I was supposed to name this album Darkness and Light, it made perfect sense," Legend added. "This album title kind of picked itself."

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