Blake Shelton Shares Encouraging Video, Offers to Meet Fan Who Suffered Life-Threatening Accident -- Watch!

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Blake Shelton came through for a fan in a big way.

The country singer shared an encouraging message on Facebook for a fan who recently suffered a life-threatening motorcycle accident, rendering him unable to attend Shelton's Brooklyn, New York show on Oct. 8.

"Dear Blake Shelton, I know this is a long shot but it's worth a try in my eyes," wrote the fan, Jonathan Daniels, in a post that has since gone viral. "A couple of months ago you had a concert in NY at the Barclays center on October 8th. My girlfriend Lindsay and I were supposed to attend ... well we never actually got to go to the concert."

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"On September 15th I was riding my motorcycle with a couple buddies when a young kid just happened to pull out in front of us. Fortunately only one of us was injured," he continued. "I bounced off of the car and was ejected into a telephone pole which stopped me from moving."

"I was rushed to a nearby trauma hospital with life threatening injuries. The police on scene, and the EMT didn't think I would make it through the night," Daniels added. "Well they were wrong!! I actually survived 2 collapsed lungs, 1 punctured lung, brain bleeding, a lacerated liver, kidney, and spleen. I also fractured 3 ribs 8 vertebrae in my neck and back, and also fractured both shoulder blades. After about 10 days in trauma ICU I was moved to another room to finish my recovery. I spent a total of 15 days in the hospital."

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"My girlfriend never left my side and kept praying for me and made my stay in the hospital very comforting. Now because of this horrible accident, we were unable to make the trip to Brooklyn," he explained. "It is now a couple months later and she still has to help me shower, eat, walk, drive me around to my doctors appointments and I was just hoping maybe you would see this letter and help me give her the birthday present she deserves. All she wants is to see you in concert. It would just make her day and make her smile which is all I want to do!! Hopefully this letter makes it to Blake Shelton somehow."

Read the whole post below.

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Of course, after hearing the horrifying story, Shelton responded. The Voice coach said in a Facebook video, "I'm very sorry about the accident, I hope you recover soon and are feeling better. Obviously, I'm totally ready to give you tickets to whatever show you can make it to. And don't rush for God sakes!"

"And for sure I've got to meet you guys," Shelton added. "Merry Christmas, and hope to see you soon."

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Such a great guy.

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