David Bowie's Eerie 'No Plan' Music Video Released on What Would be His 70th Birthday

The late music icon's widow Iman also shared some photos of her husband on Instagram.

David Bowie's fans and loved ones alike are paying tribute to the late music icon on what would be his 70th birthday.

Following the premiere of the BBC documentary David Bowie: The Last Five Years, a music video for the late music icon's "No Plan" song debuted on Saturday. The mysterious music video, directed by Tom Hingston, feature rows of old televisions displayed in the window of Newton Electrical -- which, according to Rolling Stone, is a nod to Bowie's character in the musical he penned, The Man Who Fell to Earth and Lazarus, that featured "No Plan."

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The TVs light up with lyrics from the song as those passing by begin to congregate outside the window on a rainy evening, mesmerized by the display. In addition to lyrics, the screens also display images of space travel. As the music video comes to an end, the onlookers begin to disappear into the night.

"No Plan" is one of three of Bowie's final recordings before his death on Jan. 10, two days after his 69th birthday. This track, along with "Killing a Little Time, "When I Met You" and "Lazarus" from his final album Blackstar, have been repackaged as the No Plan EP to commemorate Bowie's birthday.

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The late musician's wife, Iman, has also been remembering her husband with a series of heartfelt posts on Instagram. "Jan 8th #ForeverLove #BowieForever," the 61-year-old model shared, along with a photo of Bowie as a child with the iconic Ziggy Stardust symbol on his face.

Here's a look back at Iman and Bowie's 26-year romance: