The 24 Best Lyrics Off Ed Sheeran's New Album, 'Divide'

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After a three-year music hiatus and one year completely off social media, Ed Sheeran is fully back with the release of his third studio album, Divide. The 26-year-old dropped the 12-track album (there’s 16 on the “deluxe” edition) at midnight – and it does not disappoint.

The tunes are catchy, heartfelt, emotionally honest and raw. They’re about love and loss and life --and they’ll surely make your heart swell.

These are the 24 best lyrics.


“I used to think that nothing could be better than touring the world with my songs. I chased the picture perfect life; I think they painted it wrong. I think that money is the route of all evil, and fame is hell. Relationships and hearts you fix, they break as well.” – Eraser


“You were the type of girl who sat beside the water readin'. Eatin' a packet of crisps, but you will never find you cheatin'. Now you're eatin' kale, hittin' the gym. Keepin' up with Kylie and Kim.” – New Man


“And now we've outstayed our welcome and it's closing time. I was holding her hand, her hand was holding mine.” – Galway Girl

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“And to the next generation, inspiration’s allowed. The world may be filled with hate, but keep erasing it now, somehow.” – Eraser


“Ain't nobody hurt you like I hurt you. But ain't nobody love you like I do. Promise that I will not take it personal, baby, if you're moving on with someone new.” – Happier


“The club isn't the best place to find a lover, so the bar is where I go. Me and my friends at the table doing shots, drinking fast and then we talk slow” – Shape of You


“Well, I’ve found love inside the arms of the woman I know. She is the lighthouse in the night that will safely guide me home.” – Hearts Don’t Break Around Here


“But still, I'm just keepin' it real. Still lookin' at your Instagram and I'll be creepin' a lil'. I'll be tryin' not to double tap, from way back. 'Cause I know that's where the trouble's at.” – New Man


“Love could change the world in a moment, but what do I know?” – What Do I Know?

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“I remember less and less and mostly things that I regret. In my phone are several texts, from girls I've never met, and in the pocket of my jeans are only coins and broken dreams. My heart is breaking at the seams and I'm coming apart now.” – Bibia Be Ye Ye


“Oh I’m in pieces, it’s tearing me up, but I know a heart that’s broke is a heart that’s been loved.” – Supermarket Flowers


“'Cause human beings are destined to radiate or drain. What line do we stand upon 'cause from here it looks the same.” – Save Myself


“So blame it on the pain that blessed me with the life. Friends and family filled with envy, when they should be filled with pride. And when the world's against me, is when I really come alive.” – Eraser


“Take me back to when I found my heart and broke it here, made friends and lost them through the years. And I've not seen the roaring fields in so long, I know I've grown. But I can't wait to go home” – Castle on the Hill


“'Cause baby you look happier, you do. My friends told me one day I'll feel it too. And until then I'll smile to hide the truth… but I know I was happier with you.” – Happier

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“Well, I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know. She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I'll share her home.” – Perfect


“Let me remind you of the days when you used to hold my hand. And when we sipped champagne out of cider cans. I guess if you were Lois Lane, I wasn't Superman.” – New Man


“I gave all my oxygen to people that could breath. I gave away my money and now we don't even speak. I drove miles and miles but would you do the same for me?” – Save Myself


“When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath but you heard it. ‘Darling, you look perfect tonight.’” – Perfect


“She is the sweetest thing that I know. Should see the way she holds me when the lights go low, shakes my soul like a pothole every time. Took my heart upon a one-way trip, guess she went wandering off with it.” – Hearts Don’t Break Around Here


“Well, get up, up on the dancefloor tonight. I've got two left feet and a bottle of red wine. Making me feel like the beat and the bassline.” – Barcelona


“On the summer day when I proposed, I made that wedding ring from dentist gold. And I asked her father, but her daddy said, ‘No, you can't marry my daughter.’” – Nancy Mulligan


“It's just something that I want to do. I'll be taking my time, spending my life, falling deeper in love with you.” – How Would You Feel?


“We could change this whole world with a piano. Add a bass, some guitar; grab a beat and away we go.” – What Do I Know?

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